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Murdo has been involved for over 30 years in Exercise Referral. He is the Pioneer, Visionary and Initiator of Exercise Referral in the UK and subsequently the Specialist Rehabilitation Level 4 Courses for Medical Conditions including, Cancer, Cardiac, Pulmonary, Mental Health, Lower Back Pain and Obesity & Diabetes. Firstly initiating a UK research programme to substantiate what in particular, the medical fraternity and leisure industry required.

The WRIGHT Foundation has now become accepted as the leader in all aspects of Exercise Referral in the UK. He has written and lectured educational modules on Management/Operational topics and the initiator of the WRIGHT Foundation UK Exercise Referral Research Study with the University of Edinburgh. The WRIGHT Foundation continues to grow in stature through its National UK Exercise Referral Training Programmes, Consultancies, Research and Evaluations.

Without doubt Murdo’s recognition as one of the UK’s most knowledgeable exponents in Exercise Referral is well founded.

Research is the brainchild of Murdo Wallace and Dr Peter Wright. Ensuring the Foundation is at the leading edge of Heart – Lungs – Cancer Research and Rehabilitation through Exercise Referral.

Murdo is now devoting his time and efforts to study, the ways through exercise and brain health that can help the world fight against Dementia and Cancer, with which, he now also fights. His personal findings will be included by the Medical and Sport Medicine Team writing the new WRIGHT Foundation Dementia Course and updates for the Cancer Course written by Professor Dr Robert Thomas, Chairman of Macmillan Physical Activity Expert Advisory Group.

Murdo expresses his sincere gratitude to the exceptional assistance given to him by the NHS, Scotland (Dundee) Dementia Specialists and Macmillan Specialist Nurses.

FORWARD WITH THE FUTURE – “Dementia, A Brain Health – Activity Project”



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