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LONDON L4 Chronic Lower Back Pain course 21-23 Aug. Book ur place & qualify for winter. Call 01382 451188 or online https://t.co/vrw1Kuiueq
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Why you should exercise before, during and after cancer treatment https://t.co/n9kKLPkPu0 https://t.co/UFYFJWwE2E
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Cholesterol how can something that is necessary for human life, that is present in every cell, be bad for us? https://t.co/1E2VVSY24V
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Excellence in Practice


Foreword by WRIGHT Foundation President and Founder - Murdo Wallace

In response to the need for schemes and decision makers around the UK to have an award that recognises unsurpassed excellence, the WRIGHT Foundation Excellence in Practice Award has been introduced.

The first scheme to receive such an award have reported that the work involved in meeting award standards has resulted in significant local support and national attention, allowing the scheme to go from strength to strength, with funding in excess of £1,000,000 secured over the last 15 years.

The award denotes quality in the delivery of exercise referral, demonstrating a commitment towards confidentiality, safety, client care and a cycle of continuous improvement.

Click below to enquire further or contact us on 01382 451188 for more information on receiving an Excellence in Practice Award.

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